The trees constitute an important component of the urban landscape, allowing a greater and better environmental quality, creating an immense appreciation at the aesthetic level promoting diversity of colors and light. They increase comfort and enrich our cities at different levels, such as carbon dioxide absorption and oxygen release, favoring rainwater infiltration, reducing the energy consumption of surrounding dwellings, minimizing the impact of urban noise and the favoring of biodiversity, harboring and feeding various species.

However, the urban environment often hampers the healthy growth and development of trees, so in order to minimize these impacts and maximize the longevity, health and stability of urban trees it is necessary to combine adequate planning with a proper integrated management of the heritage urban arboreal.

Urban arboriculture has enabled the development of several services that respond to urban afforestation needs.

Our company has a wide range of specialized services in this area.


Cleansing and phytosanitary prune - Clearing prune

Pruning of candle reduction - Pruning of load reduction

Pruning of cohabitation - Rebalancing pruning

Pruning training - Pruning for restructuring

Conversion of trees to natural habitat


Sectioning the standing tree,

taking place whenever necessary

the branch / trunk section retention

and its controlled descent


Suppression of dry palms

with regularization of the crown base.

For access in height we resort to the specific technique for climbing palm trees,

non-invasive to the espique, known by bicycle


Diagnosis and evaluation of the potential risk of rupture - Vitality and phytosanitary diagnoses

Valuation of trees and palms - Previous studies to perform transplants

Previous studies to protect trees during construction

Assessment of damage caused by construction works - Inventory of wooded areas

Selection of tree species and choice of trees in nursery


Transplants of trees and palm trees - Shredding of stumps

Design and installation of support and anchoring systems

Treatments to increase vitality - Phytosanitary treatments

Washing of trees to control mincer-sucker insects

Tree recovery - Diagnostic support analyzes

Chemical desiccation - Selective deforestation and cleaning

Execution of identification plates